Cocotb Dev Notes #

The Cocotb Dev Notes are a collection of articles investigating how the internals of cocotb work. These articles assume a basic understanding of linux, python, HDL simulators, Verilog, and C++. However, the dev notes return to fundamentals of various topics at times to fully grasp the functionality of cocotb.

Miscellaneous things:

  • The notes are geared towards a *nix environment (sorry windows users).
  • The notes are a learning exercise for the author. Sometimes sections will end with questions, a hand wavy understanding, a TODO, etc… They are a work in progress.

The 30,000 Foot View #

These notes are focused on understanding three things:

  1. what happens when you start cocotb
  2. how cocotb talks to the simulator
  3. how the simulator talks to cocotb

Cocotb Distilled to 3 Points #

When you spin up cocotb 3 things happen:

  1. makefiles compile sources (verilog or hdl) and starts execution of a simulator
  2. An interface starts up in the simulator creating a connection between cocotb, gpi, interface, and hdl simulator
  3. cocotb schedules things to happen and advances time in the simulator.

Looking for tutorials on how to use cocotb? #

If you are just looking to use cocotb for verifying HDL check out our tutorials page Copyright © 2023